The Safety Depot

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We have your safety gear for all occasions for any season.  We can cover you from head to toe.  From hardhats, gloves, glasses, hearing protection, steel toe boots to everything needed in between.  Coveralls, safety vests, safety sashes, sweaters, bibs, parkas and more.  We cover oilfield, construction, forestry, municipal and more.  Check out some of our suppliers options below!

In addition to covering yourself in all your standard PPE we also provide additional specialized safety equipment.  Respiratory protection and fall protection are an important aspect to not over look.  We have half masks and full masks and the cartridges as well as N95's to protect you in a variety of work situations.  If your working from heights we can cover that too.  We have full roofer kits that come with everything you need as well as harnesses, lanyards, self retracting lanyards and lifelines.  

Need Signage, Decals or Placards? we have you covered.  We have a large stock of placards, poly signs and decals for a variety of needs.  If we don't have what you need in house we can custom make anything you require.  We can get poly or metal signs, laminated or non laminated decals and stickers.  Need danger tape, grip tape, caution tape?  We have all of that too.  A variety of barrier tape, flagging, colored electrical tape, duct tape and more.

Need to clean your bathroom, kitchen, shop, office or vehicles?  We have what you need here.  From household to industrial we have a full line of cleaners to take care of the job.  We stock your regular house hold trigger spray and aerosol cleaner, 1L concentrate, 4L concentrate and 20L concentrate.  We also have dishwasher and laundry detergent!  Our cleaners cover a wide range of needs to make sure you can meet your needs, We have options that are food safe and all natural as well!

Need toilet paper, paper towel, garbage bags?  Look no further than here.  We can supply for all your needs.  Toilet paper in single ply and two ply from regular household to jumbo rolls.  Paper tower in many options from household kitchen rolls, single fold, on the roll or center pull.  Garbage bags in all sizes in regular strength and in contractor strength when you need a bag that wont tear open.

Environmental needs?  We have spill kits in stock and ready for use and absorbent pads for universal or oil specific use.  Spill trays are also available and can be ordered in the size you need.

Gas detection needs?  We have that covered, be it personal 4 head monitors, continuous monitors and purge monitors available for sale.  We also have parts for your BW, Gasclip or RKI monitors to repair in house and we can supply bump and calibration gas for all your needs.  

For all your first aid needs we have full first aid kits, Burn kits and Eyewash stations to be prepared and to meet OH&S requirements.  If your just missing a few things from your kits or want to top something up in them we have a wide variety of first aid supplies to cover this off.

Janitorial needs?  Look no further.  We have a wide range of janitorial equipment to cover any cleaning job.  Mops, Brooms, Handles, Pails, Garbage cans and more we have what you need to get the job done.